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CCT 25th anniversary book cover
CCT 25th anniversary book pages 4-5
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Coolidge Corner Theatre

This vintage movie house’s programming is anything but stale. Bringing both thoughtful contemporary films and outstanding classics to the silver screen, it is New England’s most successful independent nonprofit cinema. Since 2004 we have been invited to imagine new identities and collateral systems that support their mission, “to entertain, enlighten, and engage — building community through film culture.” 

For the 75th Anniversary of the theatre we were asked to design a keepsake book both for special friends and to be sold in bookstores. Our design features the richly colored and textured interiors of the Art-Deco palace and showcases their significant heritage. Enticing photography and beautiful typography delights readers enjoying anecdotes and historic accounts that chronicle this cinematic cultural gem.

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Coolidge Corner Theatre

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