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Stoltze Design, in partnership with Libretto for messaging, was engaged by Bozzuto and New Atlantic Development to establish the name and visual brand for a luxury residential property in Boston’s South End. As a first step, we conducted extensive research on competing real estate projects within the neighborhood — an area that has recently seen a high level of new construction — in order to establish a unique residential profile for the property. 

Working with the developers, lead architect, and Bozzuto’s brand consultants, we developed a series of name candidates and visual directions that expressed various dimensions of the property — from the historical significance of the area to the architectural design of the building. 

The name that was selected, Girard, reflects the building’s extensive artistic programming, the influence of mid-century modern design on the architecture and finishes, and the sensibilities of the project’s key stakeholders. The building is rich with the visual branding elements, including custom wallpaper, room numbers, and a neon sign in the lobby. The building is now leasing. Visit website »

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