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February 7, 2011

ArchitectureBoston Spring 2011 is here!

AB cover Spring 2011

Architect and Design Research founder Ben Thompson (1918–2002) is one of those professionals whose influence is felt far beyond their field. Anyone who has strolled through Faneuil Hall (designed by Thompson’s firm), bought a Marimekko textile (first imported by Thompson), or enjoyed a Sunday brunch at Harvest (originally co-owned by Thompson and his wife, Jane) has been affected by this local legend.

The Spring 2011 issue of ArchitectureBoston illuminates Thompson’s life and work, from his earlier architectural work for school campuses, to his innovation of the retail concept Design Research, to personal anecdotes from family and friends. And, like Thompson’s work itself, the issue is sure to inspire designers and design enthusiasts of all disciplines.

ArchitectureBoston, a quarterly magazine published by the Boston Society of Architects, has been designed and produced by Stoltze Design since 2007.

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