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October 24, 2012

The New Art Center celebrates 35 years!

Art Ball

On the occasion of their 35th anniversary, the New Art Center came to Stoltze Design for help branding their annual ARTS BALL fundraiser. The theme for the evening, "Stayin' Alive!", inspired a festive identity that referenced the '70s while still maintaining a contemporary look and feel. As one of our designers said, "It's a discotype!"

The sold-out event was a huge success, exceeding their ambitious fundraising goal by 25%! Clif and his wife Carol joined in the festivities as the New Art Center was transformed into discotheque, with partygoers sporting polyester prints, bell bottoms, aviator sunglasses, huge wigs, and, of course, lots of bling. Scroll down for more pictures!

art ball 4

art ball 5

art ball2

art ball 6

art ball 3

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