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September 3, 2013

ArchitectureBoston Looks Ahead

AB Next

The "Next" issue of ArchitectureBoston explores developing trends in fabrication, materials, economics, and demographics, and asks how architecture can respond to these changing conditions.

As with every issue, Stoltze Design helped define the visuals and concepts to convey this theme, including the use of ZXX as our guest display typeface. Designed by recent RISD grad (and former NSA contractor) Sang Mun, ZXX is an unscannable typeface that comes in six variations and is intended to raise awareness of online privacy issues. The typeface unifies the articles with its futuristic tone, and adds new dimension to a rich array of images from the past, present, and predicted future.

For the cover, we wiped the slate clean: an open invitation to new contributions. The minimal title is printed with tinted silver ink and spot varnish, so that it shifts and shines in different lighting conditions like a sleek device. The negative space between the "E" and "X" contains a subtle arrow graphic that points forward, and, when turned on its side, looks strikingly like a house with its door open wide. It's the future of architecture, and everybody's welcome. 

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