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CVB Anon
CVB Nigh
CVB Annette Farrington
CVB Charlene
CVB Cathode
CVB Betwixt
CVB Sparkola cover

Castle von Buhler Music Packaging

As partners in crime with the notorious Cynthia von Buhler and her ex husband Adam Buhler, we provided the packaging design for our label Castle von Buhler (1994–2001) on over a dozen releases including the collectable art/music compilations Anon and Nigh which included postcards with illustrations created for each track by illustrators including Cynthia von Buhler, Polly Becker, Jordin Isip, Calef Brown, John Weber, Juliette Borda, and Frank Kozik. While CvB has been laid to rest, its reputation for combining art and music lives on!

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Assorted Music Packaging

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