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Massachusetts College of Art

Stoltze Design has a long history of collaboration with Massachusetts College of Art and Design. We've taught in the graphic design department for years, and Clif is the proud father of a MassArt grad.

For 13 years we also provided design services for the office of Admissions. This ground-breaking work included a series of MassArt viewbooks, websites and other collateral created between 1993 and 2006. The pieces won numerous awards from prestigious design organizations including the AIGA and UCDA. Most importantly, the viewbooks performed superbly as recruitment vehicles and marketing tools. Former president Kay Sloan cited our viewbook as one of the publications that sparked her interest in the college when she first considered the position.

We achieved this success by adopting a “whatever-it-takes” attitude toward the projects. We went above and beyond to achieve something unique, expressive and authentic. Although the college had no formal brand strategy at the time, we helped to establish a compelling visual identity that stood for a progressive, inspiring and top-notch art education.

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